Taiji Qigong for Health

In the time of COVID pandemic, a group of Russian doctors are teaching Taiji Qigong in hospital  with their patients.

It is not about forms or correctness in movements of Taiji Quan  , it is about how they are willing to take actions to relax body and mind, to stimulate energy flow alone meridians, most importantly, it is about their willingness to promote and to share the positive thinking and energy.


Healthy diet begins not just with pure and natural ingredients from the off-season selections,  it requires a healthy combination of balanced diet + regular practice of healthy energy under the positive thinking, from knowing to actions.

Here are few critical leanings from the COVID pandemic, which are:

(Shaping ATTITUDE)

1. Yes, I can

2. Yes, I will

3. Yes, I shall

4. We, Together (One for all, all for one)

(Implementation in ACTIONS)

1. Remain calm without discontent

2. Reach out JUST because we can share

3. Unite knowledge in ACTIONS

4. Implement discipline, demonstrate what self can do first

5. Appreciate & respect others from heart

6. Sharing will receiving more blessing, not from others, but self

7. Liberate freedom by breaking down mental walls

8.Humanity begins with actural respect on equality with an opened mind

9. Reduce expectation on others or beyond what can not be imagined, but ask self what else I can do better

Life is fragile, including family. Health does not need an agenda, but in attitude and actions. Live with hopes for future but not on dreams beyond the actural reality, starting from now.

Show appreciation and compassion for love in time, don’t hesitate or wait or hope other would understand from those spoken or even unspoken words; hope others would understand without considering their reactive interpretation and feeling.

Virus is not giving us a break, time is not something we can control on agenda, time passes without stopping; while facing the threatens from COVID pandemic we realize time often is not on ourside if we ignored the importance of appreciating the “Present”.

©Nei Lan Hsiao, Antwerp, Belgium, 25/01/2021